How to Get Past A Break-Up, Divorce, and Heartbreak to Push You to Your Greatness

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4:30PM Eastern, 3:30PM Central, 1:30PM Pacific this area

Monika Cope-Ward

Kia James

Carol-Ann Trotman

This workshop will show you...

  • How to use your pain to move you forward toward your goals.  
  • How to identify red flags  
  • How to stop making the same mistakes 
  • How to learn who you are, what you want, and how to get it  
  • How to heal from the hurt, betrayal, misuse and abuse, feelings of loneliness and unworthiness or even regret.

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Come To This Workshop if...

  • You have recently ended a relationship, and you still feel hurt, frustrated or depressed when your ex is mentioned.
  • You are having a difficult time dating or being open to someone new. 
  • You are depressed, lost, or unsure of how you are going to move forward.
  • You feel undervalued or used, why me, why am I not good enough.
  • You are tired of repeating the same cycles with men . 
  • You find yourself trapped in a situation-ship 
  • You feel that all the good men are taken or believe that there are very few men left that are out there  
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If you are ready to start living your life and stop being bound by your past, 

this workshop is for you!


WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than the information others charge you thousands for… even though they are free.

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